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This is the ultimate course for those who wants to create huge simulations. For 3 years I have created some of the most popular Blender simulation tutorials on Youtube. Now I have put together a course who wants to take their simulations to the next level. There are 5 different simulations in this course, each with very different methods and results. Everything is made using Blender only, no other software.

Massive simulations:

In the first 3 lessons we will create 3 huge simulations where we use Blender with no programming. You will push your computer hard, but with results that makes it worth it.

Lesson 1:

The first lesson is an introduction to large scale plank simulations, and you will learn how to quickly put together large towers, add physics to them and then render them with materials and lighting. You will also learn how you can destroy the towers with objects.

Lesson 2:

In the second lesson we will create a gigantic tower. You will then model and rig cannons which will shoot down the giant structure. This lesson combines both modelling and physics in a practical way and is useful for any Blender user.

Lesson 3:

In the third lesson you will learn how we can use a vehicle like a car to destroy large generated structures in Blender. You will also learn how to create circular towers for simulations.


In the last 2 lessons we will use Python programming in Blender to make simulations. Everything will be explained and you will be able to follow along even if you are a beginner when it comes to programming. The scripts are fairly easy to understand.

Lesson 4:

In the forth lesson we will make a pyramid with python in Blender and then destroy it. A fun python exercise.

Lesson 5:

In the fifth lesson you will learn how to make a domino animation with python in Blender.

What people are saying

"Olav is a well respected Blender tutorial maker and he does a fantastic job in breaking things down in a simple and an easy to understand way. "

-Grant Abbitt, Artist and tutor

"Olav has really dominated the space of simulation tutorials in the last year."

-Curtis Holt, Artist and tutor


-Do I need a powerful computer for this course?

Not really, I used a mid-range desktop computer that is 5 years old to record this course. So I would say most computer can handle these lessons.

My CPU: i5-4690K

My GPU: GTX970

And you can do fine with even lower specifications. There will be some waiting for bakes and renders, but that is the case for any computer, simulations takes time to create.

-Cycles or Eevee?

Both. You can use Eevee and Cycles for all of these simulations, but I used Cycles in 4/5 lessons in this course. You can easily use Eevee instead when I use Cycles in a lesson.

-How do you teach?

The format is the same as my usual tutorials on my Olav3D Tutorials channel on Youtube. Straight to the point and made as easy as possible. The only difference is that these lessons are much longer and the final results much more impressive.

-Do I need to know programming to do this course?

No, only two lessons in this course uses python, for the domino simulation and to create the pyramid. The code is fairly simple and will be explained in detail for beginners.

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